Do you want to retire?

Retirement is not a simple matter at all, yet everyone awaits us. The most important thing to know is when you are entitled to a job departure. Other information is equally important. You can also consider early retirement, you need to know what you will be waiting for, what are the norms, how much your pension will do and much more. You can get started well with calculating your pension. It will tell you, above all, if you just need information when you can leave, or if you want to become more active. If you do not have a pension waiting this year, you can still wait for information gathering. However, if you are waiting, you should inform yourself as soon as possible of what awaits you.
Learn the month and year of your pension
Would you like to know the exact month and year when you are entitled to retire? Many people certainly do. That's why we've also compiled a calculator that can use just three of your data to find out what you want to know. In addition, we will also provide you with basic and expanding information about the pensions built on the current resources. Do not wait and find out when you will be able to rest properly.

Very comfortable sofas

Grab your apartment and put on a new beautiful coat. Investing in sofas is long term so be demanding. With us you will find your style and we are able to meet your requirements at a reasonable price. The interior is your everyday companion and deserves it.

Think about how you use the session. You have a lot of options, sofa sets, with storage space or timeless models in a special design. The shape is important for placing in space. Material, color, patterns, what to do your accessories?

Come with us
The offer is really great and our wish is customer satisfaction. Our residential specialists will help you with your choice. Design and advice within the order is free.
Sofas on selected models, we provide a common custom. View Events
and options.

Our quality beds to your apartments

Quality sleep is the basis of the rest of each of us. You can only sleep well with quality beds. We can offer you this. We offer them in high quality and in pleasant price ranges. If you need quality beds, you can get them from us. Come and have a choice for us. We are waiting for your visit. We're just here for you.
Choose from our range of quality beds
Quality beds must be especially comfortable. In short, such that a person can sleep well on them, rested pleasantly and was ready for the next job. You can get such a quality bed with us. It's up to you to choose. On our website you can view, choose and order them yourself. We look forward to seeing you.

Functional Clothing for Everyone

What does functional clothing really mean? It allows the body to adapt to the ambient climatic conditions especially during intense sporting activities. At low temperatures it will protect us from cold, cool in summer, sweat wicking or fast drying. The body is far less susceptible to diseases that arise from sudden temperature changes, because the clothes maintain a constant temperature.
Not only for athletes
The Czech-Italian brand Silvini offers functional clothing for endurance sports and for outdoor activities. Combining different functional materials, interesting editing designs and a renowned Italian design, it achieves a wide range of applications not only in sports but also in everyday wear. The company is based not only on the functionality and appearance of clothing, but also on comfort and safety. With reflective elements, you can get out of sight or even in bad weather, without fear or worry.

Super Image Room

If you are looking for children beautiful furniture of all kinds, size and material composition, we have a super type for you. With our beautiful and modern children's furniture, the image of their room will be super and elegant. You can choose from many sizes, material composition and color variations or a combination of colors. There is a selection of many styles and types of modern and luxurious furniture for children of all ages.

Luxury for Kids
Do you want your kids to have the best? With our modern and beautiful children's furniture they will have it. Not only is it beautiful, luxurious and elegant, in a modern design, but is also very safe. High quality, which is according to the strictest standards, is ensured. The choice is very diverse, you can choose color combinations, shapes or styles of all kinds. See for yourself.

Problems with Erection

The promotion of erections through various drugs has become a necessity for young men in recent years, especially because of the growing physical and psychological demands, stresing and unhealthy lifestyle.
Support for erection is one of the areas of our research. Our goal was to develop such a P resource. That all men can enjoy.
Support Erection in a natural way
Our purely natural remedy is made only from extracts of various herbs, mainly originating from South America. This preparation has no side effects and you can order it on our website without a prescription. In addition, we guarantee you a refund if you are not satisfied with its action. However, support for erection is not the only effect of our preparation. It makes you feel more vital, stronger and more energetic.

Floating floors

Floating floors are basically boards, most often made of laminate, which are considered a lock joint. Their laying is so simple, fast, and do not attach firmly to the substrate. They can be wooden, laminate with different decors of wood, cork or vinyl.
Wooden floating floors are unique and beautiful. They have a highly aesthetic appearance, and good utility qualities. They should not be placed in places with high humidity. They bring warmth and shelter to their homes. Wood is susceptible to damage, but can be renovated. Maintenance is easy.
Wooden floating floors are more financially demanding. However, the price depends on the thickness of the top wood veneer, the surface treatment and the type of wood. Joints can be dry interlocking or glued.

You can choose a passenger car

Do you need a car only occasionally, normally you do not use it regularly? Do not throw money out of the window, because buying a car, is not at all cheap and maintenance and costs also something worth. Fortunately, there's a car rental that will solve everything you need.

You just pick a car and you can go. And the choice is really great. Our car rental company regularly buys new cars into its fleet to satisfy the customer's wishes. We rent cars all over the country.


You can choose a passenger car, transit, or a luxury off-road car, it is up to you. The car hire is free of charge with navigation, car seats or roof racks. Our car rental is one of the largest car and motorbike rental companies in Vysočina.

Modern charm

How do you improve your wardrobe and how to wear premium quality garments and the greatest beauty? Believe that really very easily and very cheaply. Take a look at our great offer and choose women's clothing, according to your needs, requirements, wishes and tastes. Believe that only with us, you buy a modern charm that will diversify your entire silhouette. Have great comfort.
Style for every woman
Take advantage of the rich offer to improve your existing wardrobe and how to wear clothes in the greatest charm. Women's clothing, which you choose, according to your needs and imagination, is always good quality and will offer you the necessary wearing comfort. You can decide what kinds of color image you like including perfect cuts, many faces.