With free advertising you choose comfortably from home

Do you need furniture in your home or office, but you don't want to spend a new one? Free Classifieds help you with this very simple! With us you will find a vast selection of furniture of all kinds at great prices. If you do not want new furniture and furniture only from advertisements.
Free classifieds offer you different types of furniture. You will find sofas, kitchen cabinets, living walls, conference tables, rattan furniture, beds, mattresses, garden furniture and much more. Here you really choose what you need and you can not get anywhere.
Feel free to choose
Take a look at the free classifieds and choose the furniture you are looking for for years and you have never had it. I believe you can find it with us without any problem and you will be very pleased with it. Feel free to choose new Furniture today!

Long service life

Wooden floors have been accompanied by almost 600 years in our quarters. During that time we have perfed their production, protection, installation and maintenance. There's so much we've tweaked that we've almost completely forgotten about the very essence-the wood from which these floors are made.
Wooden floors are not floor coverings for everyone. It may not suit anyone that this floor lasts really long, but it is also quite complicated to maintain. We do not want to discourage anyone from acquiring such a floor, but in order to be satisfied, you need to know which material has the characteristics you are looking for.
Company with tradition
Plancher is a company that has a long tradition in our market. It also speaks a lot of orders for its reputation, some of which are in the photo gallery. Wooden floors only from Plancher s.r.o.

Nice windows for a great price

Don't you trust that you can measure and target plastic windows? On our website is a detailed guide on how to do it. And everyone can handle it. The tutorials are done for different types of constructions, where the windows will be placed. Beware of placing in a new building and, for example, in a panel apartment. These are different measurements.
Do you have measured and deducted according to the enclosed instructions, to which you have reached our website? So at this point you can immediately start the order of Windows. Select Plastic windows by Profile first, then add dimensions and other parameters. After a few steps you're done.
For Panellers simply
Since we know from experience that the panels have only a few types of windows, their dimensions are already predefined, you just choose the right plastic windows.

Know that, yes.

You may not need to lose weight, but you would still like to eat healthy and have the best of your body. The boxed diet of Prague is not just a diet, it offers also menus for people who do not need to lose weight, but from lack of time do not have the opportunity to eat healthly and balanced.
We help you lose weight

Expert nutritionists prepare us both for the weight loss programme and for the Healthy Line programme. The healthy line Program will give you a quality healthy diet with a balanced ratio of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and sufficient calorie intake. The Crab Diet Prague will ensure that you are healthier, happier and have more energy.

Maintaining a maximum of vitamins

In addition, the boxed diet Prague prepares meals in such a way that it remains the maximum of vitamins and nutrients indispensable for the body.

Furniture Lighting Offer

Do you reconstruct your apartment or house and want your home to belong to the modern ones? This will guarantee the modern look of all rooms and, of course, the kitchen. The face of the kitchen is the worktop, appliances and kitchen door itself. Look at our site, you will surely choose something!
In our company we pay attention to the high quality of our work and so we can guarantee that your new kitchen door will be of the highest quality! We operate in the market for more than 13 years and we belong among the professionals in their field who are also watching the news on the market!
You have several options when you choose, and if you decide for the acrylic door, you can look forward to the perfect look without visible joints, flat surfaces and edges and, of course, high resistance to water and air humidity!

Adverts for businesses

Do you have your own business and do business successfully, but would you like to offer your services to other customers? Then, our website for advertising and advertising is ideal for you. Part of our website is devoted only to the presentation of entrepreneurs and companies. If you choose to advertise through us, then you are assured to reach a wide range of customers from all over the Czech Republic.
Profitable advertising
Advertising with us is simple, fast and you are not worth anything. However, if you are interested in the possibility of a better placement and highlighting of the advertisement, then you can use one of the options offered by us, when you consider the so-called. "Spinning" or highlighting an advertisement will pay you a really minimum amount that will return very soon. The advertisements in our country are really effective and they are able to reach.

Do you know where to donate animals?

Do you want to indulge your offspring with a versatile education that would include the basics of musical knowledge a little bigger than the music education lessons in elementary school? And you insist on this education even if your branch is not a genius gifted musician, so you want a maximum of a patient teacher? Try advertising for free.

With free advertising, you can easily find a private teacher of your chosen musical instrument. Therefore, the child does not have to compose any half-yearly exams, they do not have to follow the curriculum, but not least they do not have to attend lessons of musical doctrines that few will appeal to.

Private tutor

You can also easily submit your own ad for free advertising to describe your potential teacher's requirements. You can then organize a kind of small audition, where you yourself-together with the child, you choose the one who will be the most sympathetically.

Come to Prague for Christmas

Travelling in the direction of our main metropolis, you are looking for accommodation that would not make you very much, but at the same time would be at a decent level? Hostel Alfa is a very nice accommodation with affordable prices for everyone. Accommodation of families with children is a matter of course. Cheap accommodation in Prague today is a very demanded item and will surely impress you with its prizes.
Low price may not indicate low quality
Often cheap accommodation in Prague occurs in hard-to-reach places that are far from the center. Often, what you save on accommodation, you spend on different fares. Our hostel Alfa is located at a place that is not far from the centre and is also accessible by all possible Prague public transport means – by Metro, tram and bus. Take advantage of the hostel's benefits and come to Prague to spend nice moments.

Croatia Holidays

Looking for a place to cure your problems with joints, psoriasis or asthma? Then Croatia is a holiday for you, thanks to clean seawater you will get rid of a lot of ills and you will experience plenty of unforgettable experiences with your family or loved ones!
Croatia holiday is suitable to kick off your weight loss thanks to the possibility of swimming or other sporting uses, in addition, thanks to the light seaside diet full of fish and vegetables, you start to throw excess kilograms immediately.
Apartments for everyone
Thanks to our office has the opportunity to leave everyone. Croatia holidays is acceptable for all who want to enjoy holidays abroad. The apartments are also a short walk from the sea and you do not even spend the extra crown for daily commuting!

We offer you the best plastic and wooden windows

We offer you the best plastic and wooden windows and doors. We offer you the best euro windows. Contact us and ask for all the details you are interested in.
Let us give you a quote, let us explain the issue that surrounds the euro windows. We will explain what the thermal resistance means, we will explain what is static stiffness, dew point temperature and others.

Technical Requirements for quality wooden windows
Of course, the technical requirements for quality wooden windows are constantly increasing. We have euro windows that meet the highest standards. We will arrange to protect you from noise, from leakage or through blowing. We will arrange for you to have the best windows in terms of intrusion resistance, arrange for your new windows to be practical and of course to have a nice design.